Sunday, March 16, 2014

Misery City ?

WHEN we think of Singapore, most of us especially from 3rd world countries think of its advantages such as wealthy, hi-tech, top ten nation of highest GDP per capital, world-class infrastructure, security, rule of the law, etc. Yesterday I found an article shared by Singapore PM on his Facebook wall to remind his colleagues and people to become more considerate and gracious when it come to public transport. He needs not agree on the content of the writer but he remarks as a good reminder.

The writer shared her experience on public train when she was morning sick due to visible pregnant. She was unhappy to learn that nobody on-board train offered her a seat. And later found out from her Singaporean colleagues that they don't wonder with the experience because they also have been similar degree of advert experience on public transport. They all agree that Singaporean have becoming money chasing society and no value at basis human right through their daily life.

My wife had the same bitter experience when she was pregnant. She was traveling on NE line to work when she felt sick and eventually collapse on to the floor of the train in the morning. Nobody offered any assistance to a little woman with pregnant. Fortunately, one FWs help her gets out of train in one station after few stations she was unconsciously riding. The kinder guy also gave me a call to fetch my wife and I rush to the place he told me. We later found out that there was a blood clout in the womb from ultra sound result at nearby hospital by OG. What can we do then? It is our faith and we blamed nobody and we consumed all shit coming to our life. We risk by choosing not to take operation for said suspicious blood clout. As a result, we live in fearsome of having flawed baby until our little girl successfully delivered at home town.

I cannot say Singapore is not a place to live in happily as I have been living here for 7 years in a row now. It is a place like my second home and we are used to with daily pressure we encounter here through our life both at work and home. We can happily take all the difficulties for the other good things that we cannot find back home. No wonder, my fellow citizens are keep coming the city state for greener pasture. But I just want to remind them that Singapore has its own unwanted titles such as "the most emotionless country in the world", " least positive country on earth", "world most expensive city on the world", etc. I would like to urge my countrymen who are trying to abandon Myanmar IC for republic one to think twice if their choice is a wise move or not. But I have to understand that everybody has their own ambition through their educational and social background and their life changing decision is clearly out of my control.

Hope all Singaporean able to improve their daily conduct and turn their city not only green city but also a happy place to live in.

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  1. Please tell your friends not to come to Singapore. It is not a nice place.