Sunday, September 13, 2015

Social media make me put away from my blog

It's hard truth that today people are utterly busy with gluing on social media website through their smart phones. I'm shock to know that I haven't come back to my own blog for last one and half year in a row. What an inconsiderate person I am? I afraid that my visitors would have been disappointing to see nothing new in my home. It's not aligned with our custom as well. We're supposed to try our best in pleasing all incoming visitor by mean of different ways, it could be dining, chit-chatting or even drink a tea.

Try to be optimistic myself, I'm glad to see my blog alive and I am really grateful to those who deserve my heartfelt thanks. To be honest, I come back this time through my friend's blog post link. Otherwise, I don't know how long will it take me to get back home. Today we all are writing message on Facebook and it is rated as the best way to communicate among friends and relatives, without having border. I am not exception and I gradually fall into victim of Facebook culture. I even didn't notice that I have been FB addict person unconsciously. It really ate most of my time daily. What I get back? Some news and got a chance to know what my friends are doing concurrently and able to join them in virtual world.

It make us becoming person who prefer dig in virtual world rather than practical. It's really alarming level among our younger generation. It is obvious that today youth become poor in interpersonal skill as a result of spending too much their childhood time on IT gadgets. As a father of one child myself, I start worry and puzzling how to prevent my child from addicting social media world. Hopefully I could able to convince her by providing an attractive books of her ages and drain away from internet. As for now, I have to try to live together with my family asap as I am working an ocean away from my little daughter.

Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fool Delight

FOR the first ever time in my life, I am being promoted from current post to one step above. I am surprised to receive an official letter from HR this morning. I guess something good news is enclosed as she at the same time congratulates me. The letter informs me that in the recognition of my hard work, management is pleased to promote me while term and condition remain unchanged with my employment letter. It added my salary would be review in this year time.

As today is April Fool day, a lot of teasing messages flying over Facebook status and I received a good news like that is something special, especially when I am not expected it to come in. I do my work as usual and trying my best regardless of task. Though I have been working more than 6 years, I do not think of promotion because of the job we do. As a local SMEs piling contractor, there is less things to be done by QS compare to main contractor's QS. Everyday I am listening my wife's work difficulties and seeing her grow confident. Meanwhile, I am stuck at the easy job where I even do not need to practice all QS work, such as pricing which is done by boss. As such, I am responsible for quantities of both tender and ongoing project claims. Since contract manager was appointed recently, most of finalization process are taken over by him and that make our jobs even easier.

Sometime, taking easy job bring our life more difficult in the long term because we get less work experience which is priceless. Though an easy job provides us stress free, we become losing self-esteem. Everyday, most of time we are spending on internet rather than rushing over our jobs assigned. It is because our busy moment usually come once a month and it take us about a week only. Though we are enjoying easy work, time fly over and our age never stop to be older. The older we are, the harder we can find a good job unless we have a very good experience in management level. We cannot go and apply for junior job to the given age. That is why I am stuck at the current job and really appreciate company management's consideration for my promotion. I sincerely wish I could able to work and loyal to this company until I return home permanently. No matter if they adjust my salary or not because sometime we need to be recognized by our superiors. It is much more better for our soul than money because we cannot buy it. Thank you Resource Piling and I'll try to grow this company with my best endeavor.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Helpless people

WHEN people fall in trouble, who will take care them usually? It should be govt to take responsible to ease their people's plight. At contrary, it doesn't happen in my country sadly. There are a lot funny things keep happening in Myanmar. The govt pays attention on grassroots people to collect their income tax while it fails to collect from biggest companies owned by cronies. The military is not only sitting in parliament but also taking farms across the nation to do business. The law come drag when it has to face military's interest. That's why today Myanmar's news is dominant by land grab stories as well as people's strike for their own land/farms.

Always make me confuse why authority destroy striker's makeshit camps in the wee hours of the days. It is not happening in one or two scenarios. It seem their technique to avoid media attention to cover their wrong conduct. As a law makers, why they don't dare to face its people on the right platform, such as on court if they are right? It is disgrace to learn such things keep happening to our nation. We are seeing more and more landless people as well as farm-less farmers across the land. The latest army land-grab case is a good example to understand what's happening in our land. The whole village is forced to get out by authority by citing it is owned by army. The village exists long time ago by some evidences and suddenly their village is owned by army make them distraught. When they are refuging at nearby monastery, the regional authority asked them not to stay. I don't know why people in power bully people like that. Again helpless villagers are instructed to depart monastery compound by a short notice. Villagers are distraught as they have nowhere to go.

The ruling govt fails to interrupt as the case involve army. Later the ruling party offers villagers some lands to live in and they relocate new places in armed day. The villagers later found that the land plots are not given them officially and the place is hard to access drinkable water. Finally they all accept DKBA's offer to follow them and stay at their region. DKBA is actually an ethnic rival who is trying to sign on nationwide peaceful process with govt. What a shameless movement is it for current govt? Our people's welfare are done by rival, instead of ruling govt. Yes, this is Myanmar and everything can happen in this golden land shamefully.

Forgive only can bears fruits

FORGIVE to somebody means we let our mind free. It take a while to make our mind annoyed by others. And the obstacles stay in our mind as long as we cannot forgive to offenders. Sometime, people might have teased us and they're not aware of what we suffer such long by their libel effort. It is really happen to me. Recently, my new car was crashed by in law and I am disappointed. I though he should give me some form of apology for his wrong performance. Instead, he used some improper words to dilute me. I am not sure if he is feeling sorry by his conduct. But for sure, I cannot get rid of the incident from my mind and it hurt me for a few days, if it is not for month. I tried to forget, but remember more. Finally I know that only forgiveness can cure me and healing the wound in my mind. Later on, I could return normal life and free my mind.

Last month, I helped somebody get job in my company. I tried to avoid speaking him after finding his conduct is not a suitable to befriend. I felt frustrated and can't stop thinking him frequently which is abnormal though I am not talking him. After learning the art of forgiveness yesterday, I decided to forgive him as a young guy. Today, he offered me a dinner via sms and I asked him for what. He said for appreciation for helping him find a job. I accepted and understand that people are not as bad as we all think. They may sometime behave bad and other time good. We have to understand it and we have to practice forgiveness in our mind more frequently. As one saying said, you have thousand friends, it is too little. if you have one enemy, it is too much. It is truth that we are not happy to its fullest when we have an enemy around. The world will be better place to live in when it is made by friends.


FORGIVENESS is a basis simple thing we all have to practice in our daily life. As "human is err", each of us could do mistake intentionally or accidentally in our life. Then, what needs us to forgive to our offenders? I was listening a dhamma while I am ironing yesterday. V Sayadaw is trying to explain how important forgiveness is in our life. He stresses that forgiveness doesn't mean he is taking superior hand or kneeing toward offender. We cannot forgive somebody without having internal power. It is so much powerful to forgive to people but not to forget. We got to take some lesson from the incidents we have been suffering for.

In fact, if there is something wrong, the problem exist on both side, regardless of magnitude. Some victims might be naive and purely sufferer by others' conduct. But mostly by two sides. Lets say somebody abuses us somewhat and it is not belong to us until we accept it. By Buddhist way, whatever we don't accept "U" turn to original givers. But patient to such abuse is easier said than done. We need to practice through our Buddha teaching. It take some time but possible to achieve a great mind who can easily forgive somebody. Unfortunately, most of offenders are our closet friends or relatives or even spouse. It reflect that the more we love, the more we suffer. The list is led by Parent and followed by siblings, relative, teacher, colleagues, peers and closed by ourselves. This show, our loved ones are more likely to be our offenders because we usually live together, work together and spend much time in our life. It is hard to get annoyed from strangers. 

How can we achieve the heart that can forgive people? Only through dhamma way and it need time to practice if we really want to have one. When our mind reach some level, we don't need to forgive unnecessarily. Because, nobody can make us angry or annoyed when our mind are peaceful. There would be no argument, not fighting, no debate, no jealous, then where for conflict between us. Most of conflict came due to some form of self-interest. When our mind free from wanting, it is quite clear that no need to forgive people because, he or she needs not angry by external factors.