Sunday, September 13, 2015

Social media make me put away from my blog

It's hard truth that today people are utterly busy with gluing on social media website through their smart phones. I'm shock to know that I haven't come back to my own blog for last one and half year in a row. What an inconsiderate person I am? I afraid that my visitors would have been disappointing to see nothing new in my home. It's not aligned with our custom as well. We're supposed to try our best in pleasing all incoming visitor by mean of different ways, it could be dining, chit-chatting or even drink a tea.

Try to be optimistic myself, I'm glad to see my blog alive and I am really grateful to those who deserve my heartfelt thanks. To be honest, I come back this time through my friend's blog post link. Otherwise, I don't know how long will it take me to get back home. Today we all are writing message on Facebook and it is rated as the best way to communicate among friends and relatives, without having border. I am not exception and I gradually fall into victim of Facebook culture. I even didn't notice that I have been FB addict person unconsciously. It really ate most of my time daily. What I get back? Some news and got a chance to know what my friends are doing concurrently and able to join them in virtual world.

It make us becoming person who prefer dig in virtual world rather than practical. It's really alarming level among our younger generation. It is obvious that today youth become poor in interpersonal skill as a result of spending too much their childhood time on IT gadgets. As a father of one child myself, I start worry and puzzling how to prevent my child from addicting social media world. Hopefully I could able to convince her by providing an attractive books of her ages and drain away from internet. As for now, I have to try to live together with my family asap as I am working an ocean away from my little daughter.

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